Step in to our Grooming Workshop to Stand Out in the Crowd!
In today's world you just can't go without grooming! Be it your first interview, a business gathering, or a social function an individual’s appearance and carriage are almost as important as anyone's professional skills. A pleasant personality, a stunning body, knowing just the right thing to say, the right way to walk, the confidence, the élan – u need it all. Personal grooming is not only a corporate requirement, but is an integral part of our lives and is sure to benefit each and every individual in a positive manner.

The coming February 2019 we are once again coming up with a grooming workshop in a renowned city hotel. Come, learn from the masters and stand out from the rest!

Watch this space for more updates!



Day 1 :
Art of Communication
Articulation, Tips for Body Language, Voice Tone and Inflection, Watch Your Body Language, How to Get Rid of Unnecessary Conversation Fillers, Have a Script for Small Talk and Other Occasions, Put Away the Distractions, Tailor Your Message to Your Audience, Be Brief Yet Specific, Q & A

Analysis of Individual Deficiencies
Stress Management and Overcoming performance Anxiety, Time management, personality development, peer pressure

The Essentials Of Business Etiquette
'Casual dress' etiquette, How to finesse awkward and embarrassing situations, Handshake etiquette: Setting the stage for instant rapport, Guest etiquette: Roll out the red carpet for visitors, Business phone etiquette: Soothe angry callers, Business letter etiquette: The art of the personal note, Office decorations: Balance personal & professional image, Party etiquette: Special occasions with co-workers, Social graces, body language, business meeting, creating a first impression, interview do and don’ts

Power Dressing:
importance of proper business and casual clothes and accessories- by a leading Fashion Designer. Corporate dressing, colour schemes, social and formal attire, proper accessories and shoes, Q & A

Day2 :
Table Etiquette and Manners:
Seating Etiquette, Napkin Etiquette, Food Service Etiquette, The Table Setting, When to Start Eating Handling Utensils, Passing the Food, Resting Utensils.

Health and Hygiene:
Oral hygiene, Basic Diet Plan, Diet Calculator, Why basic workout is necessary for all!, General health and fitness. Q & A

Introduction to Modelling and Acting:
Super Model

Day3 :
GYM visit: Fitness guidance

Day4 :
HOSPITAL visit for basic health checkup and guidance

Day5 :
SKIN CLINIC AND SALON for guidance consultancy and demo

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