Kolkata today can proudly boast of many top professional models, fashion designers, fashion photographers and allied men and women in the Indian fashion industry.The city is, in fact getting better each day.
Kolkatamodels.com is a pioneering effort and it is the first exclusive model and fashion portal, launched from this city catering exclusively to the growing demands of the fashion and entertainment industry.

If you are looking for a modeling agency in Kolkata that can give shape to your dream of becoming a model, Kolkatamodels.com is definitely a complete solution package. Apart from maintaining a huge database of models, designers, photographers online, its realms extend much beyond its presence on the networked world like, model coordination, scouting for new talents in the circuit, consultancy and execution of fashion related events. We believe in growth of the career graph of the aspiring model which ends with promoting him/her to the next level- a professional. Thus we promote and launch the model nationwide. Our team of experts provide all support to guide the aspiring models and our model grooming workshops are conducted by eminent personalities.

Also, our clientele can pick up any model for their show just in a click! Our in-depth research of the fashion industry generally in India and more specifically in Kolkata makes us the fastest growing online portal in Eastern India.

We attribute our success to the quality of services we provide and our uniqueness to address the needs of aspiring models and those related to the fashion industry. We believe that modelling, as a career is as serious a business as any other professional pursuit.
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